July 06, 2012

4th of July Party

Too many days have gone by and I can admit I am still getting the hang of how to post and when to post and what to post. Thank you for stopping by to read my musings of the joy we spread and experience.....

Do you have those places and events in your life that leave an imprint on your life? We have not been able to attend our friends family 4th of July party in 4 years due to going to Lake MI each year. This year we decided since the 4th was on a Wed we would go. The moments I experienced on this day will be etched in my mind for years to come. The Trent's live in one of the most wonderful small towns in IN called Flora. Their house is set in front of some old railroad tracks and they even have a caboose to stay over in or for the kids to find ours of joy playing.
We played hours of corn hole, saw their 94 year old grandmother's quilts, helped the kids build a human pyramid, laughed, went to the greatest fireworks and of course ate. Before dinners prayer Mr. Trent told us they had been having this party for 13 years. We have attended it at least 9 of those those years. I treasure all of the memories of taking our kids pictures on the caboose stairs, lady talk time, sharing how God has worked in our lives, and time for kids to bond. Here are some of my favorite pictures that do not do justice to the actual experience:
Kids on our favorite caboose!

Love pitch-in dinners!

Kathryn trying to find  way to
cool off in over 100 degree weather.

Grandma's quilts!

  Inside the caboose made
for HOURS of fun.

Emma and two dear friends from church.

 Kids Pyramid. They were wet and this made
it difficult to hold eachother.

Aaron loved being on the TOP of the pyramid!
Thank you to all these hands who
made the yummy food and awesome fellowship!

All the men who enjoyed hours of corn hole.

Thank you to all these women (and some missing ones)
teach me through their example
how to love the Lord and our families.

Getting ready to enjoy the fireworks.