March 28, 2013

Wellness Wednesday--on Thursday

It seems my hopes of blogging every week seem to get impacted by LIFE! How dare my life to get in the way of blogging. Any tips from those of you who make this a part of your week would be wonderful to know. Lately with all the dietary changes it is enough to get to dinner and then add the kids activities and homework loads and well....NO BLOGGING.

OK you have heard enough about how I would love to be able to blog more about my Healing New Normal. For the first three weeks I was really noticing a positive change in my energy level and pain level was going down. As of late I am experiencing my pain level increasing. I am pretty sure it is directly related with how I handle the stress in my life. I also notice a decline in energy with me not fitting working out in...even my slow walk on the treadmill makes a difference. So to highlight what I believe needs to be part of my New Normal to feel optimal results is:
  1. 8 hours of sleep each night
  2. 64 + ounces of WATER a day.
  3. Limit caffeine intake to once a day first thing in morning.
  4. Stop trying to replace my sweet fixes with baking gluten free/dairy free treats (this has become a little passion of mine).
  5. Be certain to have my InflamaCore smoothie as breakfast or lunch because it keeps me full and satisfied and fighting the inflammation internally.
  6. At least 30 minutes of stretching and walking each day.
  7. Prayer throughout the day to hand my concerns of the day to God and lower stress level.
  8. Be Thankful!
  9. Look into doing WHOLE30 after Spring Break to cleanse body of sugar and other addictions.
  10. Take more pictures to be reminded of how God uses creation, people, and moments to spread joy into our lives.
  11. Start linking up to a new Wellness Wednesday Grab button for Wellness Wednesday
There you have that I have blogged all this I can be held accountable to it. I would love to hear from some of you about how you stay committed to your wellness. I have been so inspired by reading others blogs and hearing the stories of how God reveals our best to us. Below are some pictures of how my New Normal has impacted packing kids lunches, what I take to bible study pitch-in, and others. So glad you stopped by to see how we are spreading joy at the Walpole home. I will hopefully have many moments of joy to share after our Spring Break.

This is my first attempt at a crumb cake. All gluten/dairy/oat free.

So amazing how much I love Coconut Oil!
Finished dish smells so yummy. Next time I will not cook it as long since it was a little too dry.

 This is what I made on our SNOW DAY IN MARCH this week. My kids favorite french
toast is with Croissants. I of course made me two pieces from my
Udi's bread and enjoyed all the other items.

 This is my amazing K-Bug. The girls love to do fashion shows and take pictures.
She looks so beautiful and grown up here!

Aaron and his class buddies. They were learning about Economics and
had to create a product to earn money. They made a candy wheel.
Emma is the fourth one in on the left. This is her club volleyball team.
They ended their season with 2 matches won and 1 lost. She loved it so much!
Thanks for Stopping By,
Shari Walpole

March 08, 2013

My Journey to a Healthier/Stonger Me

So I still struggle with keeping up on my posts. If you only knew how many blogs have been written in my head during my quiet time or when I am stretching and walking at a snails pace on the treadmill.

I am committed to begin blogging about my Healing Journey with my New Normal where my desire is to be healthier and stronger and yes hopeful to be free of Chronic Pain. Where this journey began I have blogged about before so I will not repeat here. However, God has expanded my boundaries of this New Normal.

First, I attended the Great Banquet two weeks ago. If you are not familiar with the Great Banquet I can tell you that it is worth the weekend away. You are unplugged from the world with no clocks to demand your time and no phone to distract you. It took me about a day and a half to really allow the Lord to penetrate my heart. My most important learning point was to Steadfastly Beholding HIM in the midst of this JOURNEY. I discovered I do not want my Chronic Pain to define me and so desire to Spread Joy during this slower season in my life. God showed up and showed me how much I need to TRUST him and meet with Him in the morning (not just doing my bible study) and just REST in HIS presence. These pictures of what our kids did on Valentines day showing their love for us is such a perfect picture of how God showed me HIS LOVE during the Great Banquet.

Second, I finally visited a new Dr. and she ran 27 tests to figure out what is going on internally that is preventing me from healing from surgery. Why are my nerves and muscles from neck to ankle on Right side of my body not realizing they do not have to be in FIGHT mode. The tests revealed a Revision to my New Normal. In a nut shell I am on a dairy free, gluten free, oats free diet for at least 6 months. I am on 8 different supplements and a few other meds for thyroid, adrenals, and hormones. OK when you realize that everything your body uses to regenerate your nerves, to allow your body to heal is not working....humbling. So for the first time in years I am on a diet that is stretching me. WHAT DO YOU EAT?

THIRD, the new way of EATING. The hardest part has been trying to find something I can put in my coffee which I gave up for 7 days to go through a Detox of my liver. HARD 7 days, but feeling better as far as my energy. So I made a homemade coconut creamer. Sorry forgot to take a picture but I got the recipe from  . I know I was worried about the raw egg but it has not made me sick. I decided I need to switch to a Light Roast coffee so I am not drinking my breakfast calories in my first Cup of Joe.

Third (cont)....I have never been successful at making menus. It sounds as if it is a great idea. However, the idea never gets beyond an idea. I have no choice now since almost all I have cooked for 17 years in my married life is full of dairy, oats, and gluten. So I have found that the Paleo diet is similar to what they are asking me to eat (with the exception of dairy). I have found some great blogs about making Paleo food. My favorite so far are: Practical Paleo has extensive shopping list at all the stores I love and how to save while eating the way I have to eat. Stir it up has awesome recipes. Can you believe how much you can do with Cauliflower?

Here a few pictures of my Healing Journey so far:
I have to take the InflammaCore every day with 1,000 MG of Vitamin C. I love my smoothie with Power Greens.

Funniest comment so far was from Kathryn when I was telling the family, "I have so many supplements and meds to take I am going to need a pill sorter." Kathryn says, "Like the ones OLD people use?" We all laughed. Here is my pill sorter.

My salads actually look similar to Kim's who I am up linking   She has been such an inspiration for me as I discover my New Normal.

On this Healing Journey I am also learning it is OK to slow down because my health needs that right now. I have found such Joy in looking at the little gifts He gives us each day. Here are a few:

Kids playing TRIGGER and trying to be KIND while losing.

Emma has a beautiful voice and I LOVE
when she sings to me our favorite

PRAISE songs.

Kathryn took this picture. Aaron is so eager to learn
how to be the Man of the House.

Kathryn is my simple child who never asks for much.
While we were out on a Mom/daughter date she tells
me she has carried the same backpack since 2nd grade.
She asked to pay half for a new Vera Bradley one.

Kathryn is jumping for JOY because God answered her
prayer to have some changes at school...stay tuned
for those to be revealed.

Thank you for stopping by to see how we are Spreading Joy,